Wednesday, February 16, 2011


2008 shld be the year I shld be pronounced dead, mentally. Do not be
surprised becos I'm a dead man walking.

2009 MBS was the rage, and rage was over before we knew it.

2010 Sg kudeta went up the sky, dubai ritz died in a fizzle, Australia
got worst, saysay only. one renowned hotel, marriot? I can't remember.
Y shld I? Saysay only from his ex marketing flipinno (from mo kul,
broke off her marriage to get involved with their ex boss, only now
that she in syndey, this ex boss married to a russian. All in a span
of one year.) ,now u know why when I already too lack of brain cells
to take words from anyone like this seriously, zero worth. Big Talk is
free, cost zero penny and looks gd and helpful.

2011 is abt touching its 3rd month and already bubble pizza burst
like bubble, come quick, die quicker. 2nd quarter still remains a
blank for now at this time of post, only god knows, I don't want to
know. Any prize for guessing right? 3rd quarter - just received news
of Avalon, or Babylon? Maybe another Crappylon, keep fantasing.

Sandcastles sandcastles in the sky,
look pretty, look promising in my mind,
Come building, come hyping me all the time,
Only to realise in the end its just bury in the sai.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011