Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 on a sweeting smelling surprise

A nice bath setup surprise (with a cup of nice roibos ) from BB straight after my work..

Feeling totally refreshed and sweet smelling now before we head off to club street to meet Matt-Sarah and Robbie-Anna for dinner then to Me@OUE to countdown to 2014!!! Xx

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fully nice day at vivocity, just U and I

1030am: Woke up,
11am: head to gym,
1230pm: woke up the sleepy BB from yesterday-Matt-wetting head-late-night
130pm: received Fons wedding cake and invitation card, bless parents driving around handing out to everyone the whole morning.
145pm: scooby doo vanny, U and I to vivocity via KPE,ECP from our Florida on a heavy downpour became slight drizzle by then.
215pm: park at highest level 7, straight to gold class to book hunger games: catching games for 350pm.
3pm: decided to dine in fish and co after walking pass many restaurants to realize canivore branch already closed down at vivocity.
335pm: 10mijs browse at vivocity
350pm - 630pm: comfy seats and movie
630pm ~ 830pm: finally sorted out presents. Few random wedding gigs, a nice blue dress bought, 6pcs chicken tenders and whopper burger from BK for quick dinner.
830pm ~ 10pm: grocery shopping.

back home 1030pm. is coming to 2am now and we r still sitting of TV chilling. I'm still soberly awake. zz

Guess because my heart is still up for spending time with just U and I.

Haha. Nice day. Mission accomplished. X

and still the best fish and chips is at..

the fish and co standard has dropped drastically. What happened to my always high held respect for the best fish and chips in singapore in my heart ever since during my high school? What happened to u after so many years down today at vivocity branch? The batter is tasteless and the texture is horrible like some fluffy crust. The color of the batter is pale yellow, not fried orange. Even thou the fish meat is fresh enough to melt in your mouth, it is tasteless. so much for me ordering your recommended best in town fish and chips on the menu.

Even thou BB ordered London's fish n chips and was still ok, slightly better than mine, it was far below standard if this cod fish were to compare to just the lousiest takeaway fish and chips stall in UK, not even mention the best of the creme I had in NCL.

so the best fish n chips still goes to.. NCL.

maybe I give smiths fish and chips another try.

Singapore is dying of very good fish and chips. It's worrying.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hainanese Chicken flavored rice + extra spicy sauce bacon n pork balls on Sat Night

Great team work on making dinner together ( me in charge of the rice haha) before BB off to Harry's boat quay to do the "wetting baby's hair" for Matt. Lol

but we r going to do Xmas shopping tmr at vivocity in scooby doo vanny and maybe do grocery shopping at Giant supermarket and have a nice time together!! Just the 2 of us!! Hope he's sober and fit tomorrow To spend quality time with me!! Don't u hangover on me!!! Xxx

Xx M xX

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fav shoots from super trees

If only there's more focus and proper lightings. Lol