Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michelle first visit to Mouawad

My first visit to mouawad at Fullerton Hotel for resizing my engagement ring and not quite expected but might as well also checking out the different designs of potential band to match with the engagement ring hehe. Xxx

John is a very nice guy and so is Jessica his daughter.. So patient with the-spoilt-for-choice-and-know-nth about-ring-aka-overwhelmed-with-ring-encylopedia-blur us. But first, Alot of brain racking to do to decide what wordings to be out on bb wedding ring before we come back again to collect the resized engagement ring so that they can be ready at the same time.. 

Stephen wedding ring is black diamond very nice but we forgotten to take pic hmm haha..

Did you know?

1. Finger is fattest at 12pm. 
2. Finger size do change later in life
3. U can't reveal what you want to engrave on the other half's ring to your other half and only to the jeweller. Interesting eh?

Hmmm.. I really didn't know the above 3 points until today..

Im So bloated with the seafood soup at boat quay Pasta Fresca whereas BB had the carbonara penne.

My 2.5 hr lunch was pretty cool. Alittle bit 'sea(food)sick' now after the bumpy cab ride back to office.

But what an enjoyable lunch with BB!!! 

Really loved it!!

M. Xoxoxo

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