Thursday, May 8, 2014

2nd Milestone to SMW: Picking M outfits for pre W shoot

If 1st Milestone is paying a deposit to Raffles Hotel on 1st April 2014, then today, we declare it as the 2nd milestone to SMW( Steve Michelle Wedding) 

The 1st Milestone was like really one email, one stone. 
Imagine back just not so long ago like, you know, it's seems freakingly ages ago when it only adds up 6 months ago, about Dec till feb: How we were paying visits that feel endingless to HFC trying to nail down something and nothing churn out but obstacles? In the end, all it took was to make a frustrated bride-to-be to send a million email queries to some of our preferred venues(read:colonial feel), including chijmes, fullerton, Emily Hill to name a few. 

Viola. Raffles said yes to our basic schedules, which followed by one personal visit and meetup discussion with their catering sales manager, debbie, and a few followup emails to clarify some costing and setups and things... we made our 1st milestone.

But I thank you, my dear HFC, for the courteous and generous accomodation to 2 headless chicken couples who were having problems with the east-meets-west cuisines, and to enlighten us that it's something bigger, better, smoother, happiness that we want to achieve at the end of the day.

2nd Milestone has finally happened today, it felt surreal and totally out of my expectations.

I wasn't even sure that we achieved it today when we paid a visit to the Blissful Bridal Creation Shop just weeks ago. I thank my dear sister Fon for "transferring" us the very good bridal package deal that she and mike bartered and signed up for in 2009 and gave to me. Bless her for taking care of her eldest sister, can't wait to marry her off eh? lol

So, today.

Steve came home at about 7am, and before that, "gave" me on-off sleep as I naturally tend to subconsciously worry about him for nothing again. So well, when he got in, mumbled fumbled about his day/night happenings as always for about 10 minutes before he jumped into bed (and he can't even remember he said it all after that), I felt somewhat as if he "handed" the wakening baton to me. I left him in the spare bedroom with his loud Snozzey, and went to master bedroon to snooze for abit with just the fan, before the traffic out of that window buzz me awake after an hour. 

By 130pm, Michelle was a hungry man angry man (optimal sleep looking at 70%). and we kept leaving the house and when at the lobby and then returning back becos we forgot this and that. 230pm, both of us were sat at Subway at Hougang Mall with lots of school kids and super long queue, and a very angry hungry Michelle whose the last or probably first meal of the day to really talk about is really NOT Subway. ahahahahhaa

15mins food and straight into cab. 3pm at the bridal shop. Stephen 2nd visit 2nd time again nit-picking at their sample photo albums and outfits and in contrast to our 1st visit. Today he decided he doesn't want to go with the stupid japanese/korean/victorian/read-halloween costumes becos "it reminds me of the events I plan all the times" !?

Okay, have patience BTB(bride-to-be). Keep reminding him that it's the plain background that was distracting him, and quickly arched him off to look at the studio and different clothings to divert this lack-of-sleep giant. Read: Confucius or Sun Tze law or whatever: Diversion.
The lady,her name is Lily who assisted me with picking the right dresses and helping me to put them on (with the can-can lol) was very nice and professional.. started off by asking me my fav color, which i said without hesitation, red... then stephen went on to add yellow, green, blue... (There's a reason why I said red...Check out my inspiration album in my fb...) 

I was just trying different wow dresses, and a few not so nice ones too. but that made the wow dresses wow~er if it makes sense lol. blue doesn't go well on me lol. I'm glad the sweetheart cut dresses is starting to look good on me lol. my  V plate is doing me well. Need to work harder with my workouts, Too bad no photography allowed though during fitting hahahah. But, thinking back now, that makes me even look forward to the actual shooting day. Tried my hardest to remember myself in the dresses in the mirror today. It is the good old fashion way of feeling and appreciating the real self in the real dress in the real moment, not busy looking for the camera icon on the iphone to take photos.I felt good.

So for pre-wedding shoot (indoor+outdoor), we were allowed to pick 4 outfits + 1 standard chinese tea costume.

We picked a nice red cheongsamy dress, a purple satin dress for outdoor, a black lace yellow dress and jade color dress for indoor. of course we are also allowed to bring our own outfits for the shooting too. that we will decide when the date draws nearer of course.

But the very first red dress that i tried on, is probably going to be the morning dress i will put on on the actual wedding day... has a very nice halter neck and upfold oriental collar lacy maroon upper design, followed by the long flawy train... lol. a mixture of east meets west lol, erhm and totally bare back zzz

So deposit paid. Ouch.

After that we both headed down to Mouawad, but not before a visit to soup spoon. 

All in all, we both agreed we really had a nice day.

2nd milestone achieved.

We have confirmed the commitment(pay 1k deposit lol) to getting Blissful Bridal Creation to fill in the little jigsaw puzzle nitty gritty  details to our wedding.

Time to start flying...


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