Monday, December 9, 2013

Fully nice day at vivocity, just U and I

1030am: Woke up,
11am: head to gym,
1230pm: woke up the sleepy BB from yesterday-Matt-wetting head-late-night
130pm: received Fons wedding cake and invitation card, bless parents driving around handing out to everyone the whole morning.
145pm: scooby doo vanny, U and I to vivocity via KPE,ECP from our Florida on a heavy downpour became slight drizzle by then.
215pm: park at highest level 7, straight to gold class to book hunger games: catching games for 350pm.
3pm: decided to dine in fish and co after walking pass many restaurants to realize canivore branch already closed down at vivocity.
335pm: 10mijs browse at vivocity
350pm - 630pm: comfy seats and movie
630pm ~ 830pm: finally sorted out presents. Few random wedding gigs, a nice blue dress bought, 6pcs chicken tenders and whopper burger from BK for quick dinner.
830pm ~ 10pm: grocery shopping.

back home 1030pm. is coming to 2am now and we r still sitting of TV chilling. I'm still soberly awake. zz

Guess because my heart is still up for spending time with just U and I.

Haha. Nice day. Mission accomplished. X

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