Monday, December 9, 2013

and still the best fish and chips is at..

the fish and co standard has dropped drastically. What happened to my always high held respect for the best fish and chips in singapore in my heart ever since during my high school? What happened to u after so many years down today at vivocity branch? The batter is tasteless and the texture is horrible like some fluffy crust. The color of the batter is pale yellow, not fried orange. Even thou the fish meat is fresh enough to melt in your mouth, it is tasteless. so much for me ordering your recommended best in town fish and chips on the menu.

Even thou BB ordered London's fish n chips and was still ok, slightly better than mine, it was far below standard if this cod fish were to compare to just the lousiest takeaway fish and chips stall in UK, not even mention the best of the creme I had in NCL.

so the best fish n chips still goes to.. NCL.

maybe I give smiths fish and chips another try.

Singapore is dying of very good fish and chips. It's worrying.

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